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Investment Analyst

Lokalita: Praha
Obor: Stavebnictví & Real Estate
Datum: 09.05.2018


Currently we are looking for a suitable candidate to join one of our clients, an investment and finance group, in their growing team on a position of Investment Analyst.

You will be responsible for helping the team to find and analyze new investment strategies and opportunities, be it a new company or a new market or a solution to our current portfolio.



You don’t think like everyone else. When you look at something, you can quickly find the most important information and tune out the rest. You know that there is always a way to find the information that you are looking for, and have the determination and endurance to keep looking until you find it. Numbers tell a story to you, and you trust them more than words. You can express yourself clearly and confidently, whether in a group or one on one. You can also present your ideas clearly and attractively on paper through reports and presentations. 


Our standards are high, and good analysts are hard to come by. If you feel that your talent with your current employer is not used enough and you would like to try your luck somewhere else, please, send us your CV. 

ID nabídky: 0948

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