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Podporujeme CAFOD



Tento rok jsme se rozhodli podpořit CAFOD, charitativní organizaci působící ve Velké Británii, spolupracující s partnery po celém světě. CAFOD je členem Charitas International.

I Vy můžete pomocí malého příspěvku pomoci těm, kteří to potřebují nejvíce. 

CAFOD's mission statement describes its vision, mission and values as follows: Drawing inspiration from The Bible, Catholic social teaching and the hopes of people who are poor, marginalised, or oppressed, CAFOD is committed to building a world free from poverty and injustice where: • the rights and dignity of each person are respected, discrimination is ended and all are gathered into a single human community from which no one is excluded. • the good things of creation are developed and shared by all, and the structures that rule people’s lives express justice and enable peace. • the lives and choices of rich and poor alike have been transformed by solidarity. • all have access to food, clean water, shelter and security; to a livelihood, health and education; all can participate in shaping their societies and their world.

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